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Kuvizic & Tadic Law Office held press conference on Friday, February 24, 2012 at the Independent Journalists' Association of Vojvodina, denying defamatory news reports by major news media about "MAGIC DRAGON" air freshener sold by Subotin Llc from Novi Sad.

Major news outlets in the Republic of Serbia reported on February 22 about alleged drug abuse of "Magic Dragon", an import from New Zealand. Reports unjustifiably compared this legitimate product and its effects to marijuana.

Partners from Kuvizic & Tadic answered questions by major news media, including newspapers, TV stations and web sites rebutting reports alleging marijuana-like properties and effect of the product. Mr. Kuvizic presented documents regarding the product, such as Chemical Analysis Datasheet and Certificate of Free Sale by the product manufacturer.

Mr. Tadic and Mr. Kuvizic announced legal action against media outlets publishing libelous reports regarding Subotin Llc, an exclusive distributor of this product in Serbia, all in accordance to Articles 47 and 56 of the Law on Public Information of Serbia.

"Almost every household product can be abused. The fact is that this product was granted a "free sale" status by the Institute for Public Health of Vojvodina, as air freshener. Our client cannot be held responsible for product use that is contrary to its purpose!" said Mr. Tadic and reminded journalists and reporters of their duty to perform due diligence prior to publishing any inflammatory story.


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