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Privatization Agency www.priv.rs
Business Registry www1.apr.gov.rs
Deposit Insurance Agency www.aod.srbija.rs
Serbian European Integration Office www.seio.gov.rs
The Export Credit and Insurance Agency www.aofi.co.rs

Government of the Republic of Serbia www.srbija.gov.rs
Ministry of Finance www.mfin.gov.rs
Ministry of Economy and Regional Development www.merr.gov.rs
Ministry of Trade and Services www.mtu.gov.rs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs www.mfa.gov.rs
Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry pks.komora.net
Chamber of Commerce, Capitol Belgrade www.kombeg.org.rs
Chamber of Commerce, City of Novi Sad www.rpkns.com
Foreign Investors Council
SIEPA - Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency
Belgrade Stock Exchange