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Mr. Kuvizic works in cooperation with a number of renowned attorneys and other professional services providers across Serbia and internationally.

Here you can find a sampler of a number of fine professionals who will be working along Mr. Kuvizic in your behalf:

Oliver Zivkovic, Attorney at Law
The Capitol City of Belgrade
Mr. Zivkovic has been in private practice for 8 years. Before starting on his own, he served as a justice at the Belgrade’s Commercial Court, where he committed his professional knowledge and experience in the field of commercial law and litigation to the people of Serbia. After starting his own practice in 2000, he has frequently represented foreign investors with a range of services, including assistance with setting up business entities in Serbia and other business law issues, real estate, litigation and representing them before various state and local governments and specialized state agencies.

Aleksandar Tasic, Attorney at Law
Mr. Tasic is a sole practitioner in the City of Jagodina, central region of Serbia. His office is dedicated to litigation, estate planning and litigation, business law and criminal law. His works have been published in various professional publications.

Mr. Dusko Banjac, expert witness
Building Code compliance and real estate evaluation

ABC Global Financial Services
International and statutory audit, consulting and other financial services

Mrs. Katica Nemes, expert witness
Financial and accounting compliance, audit, tax advise