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Fast and effective debt recovery is important for your bottom line. Kuvizic & Tadic Law Office will help you collect, either by implementing an appropriate ADR strategy or by taking your claim to the court.

From our experience, most debtors would rather settle then go to court due to increased costs. In representing your interests as creditor, we use Alternative Dispute Resolution processes, such as negotiated settlements or court settlements.

Mediation procedures have not yet taken root in Serbia, but the debtor will receive an invitation for mediation, too.

When everything else fails, we take the issue to the court, in most cases Commercial Court within jurisdiction. Although Serbian courts have not yet learned the value of out of court settlement, many judges would respect parties intent to attempt out of court settlement, and would grant such motion by creditor's lawyers.

We have been successful in getting debtors, private and commercial, and have helped debtors realize that the sooner they settle and pay, the better.

We've helped many foreign businesses collect in Serbia - call or write to learn how we can help you.